Self-importance. Entitlement. Snobbery.

It’s over between me and WordPress.

Nov 10 2013

WordPress and I are through. We’d been together a long time, but things had started to go sour: it was needy and high-maintenance, susceptible to the wiles of passing charlatans, and finally I’d had enough. I told it “so long” and went off to find greener pastures.

While I was at it, I decided to start totally fresh. I dumped almost all of the content I’d been building up over the last 8 years, and kept only the articles that people were reading. I’ve also switched to—in true neckbeard fashion—a static site generator that will enable me to use version control on the site’s content, and the Rails Asset Pipeline for its structure. This new site is built on Middleman, because I’ve done the Jekyll thing and was looking for a pasture greener than that.

So far, so good. Look for a more detailed post in the near future about the migration and setup.